Bookings and membership

1. Day ticket ($25+GST) - Ride the trails for one day if you aren't a member. You need to book day tickets before coming to ride. Your emailed PayPal receipt is your ticket to ride

2. Trailshare Membership

1. Full membership ($1200+GST) - Annual ride access for 6 people plus a weeks accommodation

2. Ride membership ($150+GST) - Annual ride access for one person

3. Special deal for Central Coast MTB Club members - half price on ride membership ($75+GST) - make sure you enter your MTBA membership no to qualify.

3. Camping - we now have toilet and shower facilities at our HQ so can accommodate up to 4 campers per night. Cost is $50 per person per night + GST, which includes your ride fee for the day - so you only pay $25 for the camping.

Please email us first to check availability of the site - . If its available you can go ahead and book using the PayPal button below. If you are booking for more than one night, enter the number of nights under the "quantity" during PayPal checkout

Here are the details of what each form of membership gives you :

1. Full Membership costs $1200 per annum, + GST. For that you get:

  • Unlimited riding or walking on the property for a year for up to 6 people at a time when not staying in the accommodation. This includes access to day visitor facilities including water, shade and toilets. The member always has to be present.
  • Seven days of accommodation in the guest cabins. These accommodate up to 6 people. The base week consists of 2 weekend days and five week days. You can book accommodation as far in advance as you like, but at least one member in your group will have to be a member when you have your stay
  • The ability to book additional accommodation at reduced rates - up to 30% off for weekdays during non-peak season
  • Discounted quality mountain bike hire if you need it - we have over 50 Cannondale bikes in a full range of sizes, types and build materials to choose from.

2. Ride membership costs $150 + GST per person per annum, incl GST, and includes:

  • Unlimited riding or walking on the property for a year for the member.
  • Access to day visitor facilities including water, shade, BBQ and toilets.
  • Free parking on site

You can join at any time of the year and your membership will last for 12 months after joining.

4. Accommodation booking - booking, prices and availability via AirBnB

You will receive confirmation by email. Please keep this as proof of purchase.

If you have bought a full or day membership you will need to sign a waiver for use of the facilities. We will email you this as soon as we've received you payment. If you haven't signed this waiver you will need to sign in each time you ride.

If you want more details, please send us an email at

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