Bike Hire

Hire Prices:

For those wanting to hire bikes for use on the Trailshare property we charge:

  • $65 per day for for alloy bikes and 
  • $95 per day for carbon bikes and our electric electric assist full suspension bikes.

If you would like to hire for a longer period and take the bike away with you our multiday hire rates apply:

All fees are in Australian dollars and include GST

 Category ACategory BCategory CCategory DCategory ECategory F
 Aluminium hardtail Aluminium RushPremium Al full susp.Ti/carbon hardtailCarbon full suspensionRecumbent
Up to 10 days$157$186$234$269$312$269
10 days to 1 month$267$324$443$522$615$522
Per month thereafter$174$210$288$339$400$339
Replacement if lost or stolen $800$1,040$1,840$2,240$2,800$2,240

Category A - Cannondale Aluminium hardtail

X-large 29er F1

Small F1 alloy

 Large F1000 with Headshok   

Medium F1 Alloy Lefty 

 Medium F1000 Alloy Lefty         

X-large F1000 Alloy Lefty

 Small F1 Alloy Lefty     

 Large F1 Headshok Ultra

Category B - Cannondale Rush/Prophet Aluminium

 Large Rush Alloy Lefty                                                          

 Large Rush Alloy Lefty

Large Rush Alloy Lefty                                                       

  Medium Rush Alloy Lefty

Small Rush Headshok Ultra                                                 

Small Rush Alloy Lefty

 Medium Rush Headshok Ultra                                             

Small Rush Alloy Lefty

 Medium Prophet Alloy Lefty  

Medium Rush Alloy Lefty

Large Rush Alloy Lefty                                                  

 X-Large Prophet Alloy Lefty Max

Medium Rize Alloy Lefty    

 X-Large Scalpel Headshok Ultra

Large Rize Alloy Lefty

Category C - Premium Alloy Bikes
X-Large Scalpel 29er                                          

Medium Scalpel 29er

X-Large Scalpel 29er    

Large Trigger 29er  

Small Scalpel Carbon Lefty

Large Rush 29er  

Large Salsa dos niner softtail 29er

Standard mountain bikes have 26", 27.5" or 29" wheels and are sized according to Cannondale's conventions:

X- large - Seat tube of 21"
Large - Seat tube of 19"
Medium - Seat tube of 17"
Small -Seat tube of 16"

Category E - Cannondale carbon full suspension 

Medium Carbon trigger 29er

Small Carbon rush 26

Large Carbon Scalpel 29er

Small Carbon Habit 27.5

X-large carbon scalpel 29er  

  Large Carbon Gary Fisher superfly 29er

x-large carbon Habit 29er

Large Carbon Habit 27.5

 X-large carbon Rush  26er                               

 Large carbon Rush  

X-large carbon scalpel 29er     

Large carbon Scalpel                                    

 Large carbon Scalpel  

  X-Large carbon Rize 120  Carbon Lefty Max        

 Large carbon Rush

 Medium carbon Rush Carbon Lefty                                                      

Category D - Titanium or Carbon Hardtail

Large Carbon Flash 29er

 Large Cannondale Carbon Flash 29er-  

Medium Foundry Broadaaxe Carbon 29er

large Gary Fisher Superfly with hub gear & Lefty

Medium Scott Scale Carbon 29er 

X-Large Litespeed Unicoi Titanium - Manitou R7 fork                   

 Large Bluestone Titanium - Rockshox SID fork                

X-Large Fetish Carbon 69er - Carbon Lefty

Large Carbon F29 with lefty fork

 Large Gary Fisher Superfly 29er -Fox F100 fork                      

 Medium Cannondale Carbon Taurine - Headshok Ultra

Large Carbon Flash 29er

Category F - Recumbent bikes

 Optima Orca Recumbent 26/24        
 Cannondale Bent 2 26/24